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Good afternoon is the last day of our 3 day residency with Gary Numan at the Teragram Ballroom in LA, and it's been a wonderful time. Capacity crowds, lovely audiences that are really appreciative and attentive ( and they laugh at the LA - specific jokes in ZOMBIES 1985) ....really grateful here.

I've had a few people ask the following questions:

Q -What is the setlist?

A - Here we go:

Above photo via Twitter by @maplestonedm

"Musical numbers":

1) CRAWL HOME (from the soundtrack to ISM's first short film THE SILENCE. We are selling the soundtrack to this film at the shows; our 1st vinyl release on Lex Records.).

2) DIRTY SOUL (from an upcoming project with ISM, Lex Records & Tommy Lee Edwards.)

3) THE DEMON & THE DOVE (from an upcoming project with ISM, Lex Records & Tommy Lee Edwards.)

4) And finally, my cover of CARS. I'm so glad you guys seem to like it at the shows - had no idea how it would go over! Whew. :)

Which leads me to the next question...

Q- Did you record your version of Cars?

A- Why yes, I did. I made it 2 days before we were to leave for the UK/EU tour to celebrate our Sub Phatty giveaway with Gary (read about that here or where I blab on about it below). I almost burst my noodle doing so had it not been for Maf Lewis' help. So my noodle is fine, thanks.

UK/ US tour was lovely and slightly tiring as I'm still recovering from a bit of jetlag, but I look forward to a big glass of red wine tonight after ISM's set.

Lastly, may I remind you again of our Moog Sub Phatty giveaway! Yes. Here is where you can enter to win my Sub Phatty in the very photo above, sound good (it's the synth behind me in the photo if you? Also Gary Numan & I will sign it's bare buttcheek for you to boot.

Hope to see you this evening or very soon!

ALSO - I Speak Machine will be playing with Mr. Numan at THE FORUM in London, October 21st! We will announce the winner of the Sub Phatty around the 22nd. We'll let cha know.... xxx Tara

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