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STRATA is here!

Exciting news - this week we have launched the first leg of our new, beautiful beastie of a project, STRATA. It is a collaboration with the incredible comic book illustrator and writer, Tommy Lee Edwards, Google Labs' Editions at Play, Penguin/ Random House and Lex Records.

It is a new, groundbreaking ebook or, "unprintable book" that features artwork by Tommy Lee Edwards and music/ sound design by I Speak Machine. It features essays by several fantastic writers on topics relating to the world of STRATA.

Preview the book, hear the music with full animated interface and limited chapters at

"The year is 2116. Eugenics experiments have failed to curb the city’s dense population, which drowns in perpetual shadows cast by a layer of giant towers scraping the stratosphere miles above. Further below an ancient and mysterious world crumbles...

STRATA is a book about the future, made for the future. Directed and illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards, with music and sound design by I Speak Machine, it comprises science fiction and essays by eight stellar writers. Each story is a portal that will take you deeper into STRATA; each essay will reveal another layer of science that underpins the world."

And the trailer:

This is just the beginning! More to come from the world of STRATA very soon.....

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