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NEW KICKSTARTER! "Deep Clean" by Krent Able & Matt Harlock, music by Kite Base and I S

Greetings everyone! I am thrilled to tell you a bit about a new Kickstarter short film project that has launched today, DEEP CLEAN! It's a dark, delicious short film in the style of Shawn of the Dead, created by award winning director Matt Harlock of Halflife Films (of the fantastic "American: The Bill Hicks Story)& controversial (and overall bonkers brilliant) artist Krent Able.

So take a WILD guess who has the honor of doing the music (well, read the title...). Myself and my wonderful sisters from another mister Kite Base will be creating music for this wonderful project, fuck yeah.

So - please have a look and take in all the glorious, gory details HERE on their Kickstarter page, and please consider pouring boatloads of your sweetly earned cash into what promises to be something fabulous, must say. I'm excited...

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