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OUT NOW! Zombies 1985 Soundtrack and new video, "Shame". Plus Tara's musings, of cours

Greetings all! Just a loving (and rather delayed) note to let you all know that the Zombies 1985 soundtrack is now available (well, it has been since September 8th...oops)! Visit here to snag your copy.

I think that the blood red pressing of the vinyl is very close to selling out, hooray (!!) and thanks to everyone for your love. As of right now, there still are some on the Lex site linked above.

We've had lots of you sweet maniacs send in photos of your copy that has made it into your loving homes - visit our Facebook page for a peek ( and perhaps 'like' it anyway for news and musings from Maf & I).

Which (somehow) brings me to our new video also! Here is the gorgeous (if I say so myself) video for the single "Shame" from Zombies 1985. We made this deep in the dusty, boulder endowed dirt roads of Joshua Tree in 90+ heat ( which is actually on the "cooler" side for that part of the world...ugh.). We did get into a little tiff with one of the locals there, who spotted my helmet, noticed my slightly reckless driving plus the camera rig attached to the steering wheel and reported us, thinking we were illegally filming a Dodge commercial. Always fun. My ARP 2600 and 1613 sequencer weren't entirely appreciative of the heat, so they needed to be lovingly shielded:

Anyway - filmed and created by Maf of course! Here it is, taste:

Anyway, we're pleasantly surprised by the nice reception the album has had, and would like to once again thank our musical collaborator/ partner in synth-crime Benge for being such a blast to make such sweet sounds with. And of course our label Lex for releasing this! And extra special thanks for the magnificent voice actor Joe O'Connor for providing the voice of the quintessential 80's news anchorman, Brock Horton! We were lucky to have such great people involved.

(Above)At Benge's in Zombie gear and Below: Working up the sequenced line on the Zombies 1985 main score. Holy shit, that ARP 2500 was the great beyond of synthesizers!!

ALL PHOTOS by Maf Lewis .

We also had the pleasure of chatting with Layne from Fact magazine about the making of the album, have a read here.

See you all soon! New stuff in the works for 2018. xoxo

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