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"Ever-so-rarely an artist comes along to stir your subconscious and redefine the unconventional. I Speak Machine—the experimental music and audio-visual project of Tara Busch and Maf Lewis–is here to show us the way"
Liza Lentini, SPIN MAGAZINE, April 21, 2022

Tara Busch is a Los Angeles - based writer, performer, film composer & producer. In 2013, she co-founded the audio/ visual project I Speak Machine with filmmaker/writer Maf Lewis. In 2022, I Speak Machine released the album WAR, accompanied by an iconic series of videos, directed & created by Maf Lewis. Following that, in October 2023, they released the single & video BRING ME THE GIRL, an “unhinged, face-shredding, synth-punk juggernaut of rage and catharsis”.

I Speak Machine brought the WAR album to the stage in 2022, touring extensively with electronic music legend Gary Numan for his 35-date US tour and 15 dates in the EU. In 2023, ISM supported grunge legends L7 on several California dates, and embarked upon a 23-date US tour with industrial music heavyweights Curse Mackey & SINE for the Electric Exorcism Tour.

2024 sees I Speak Machine taking to the west coast of the US for the HOLY TRINITY TOUR with Bestial Mouths & SINE, followed by three dates again supporting Gary Numan. Tara is currently working on the new album.

Tara’s unique stage persona and performance was carefully conceived as an extension of the subject matter and artistic design of the album WAR, as well as the single BRING ME THE GIRL. Tara commands the stage alone, shifting in an instant between harrowing, unhinged shrieks to stratospheric, operatic swoops. Her performance is wild and entrancing, featuring dreamlike interludes on her beloved synthesizers to offset the mayhem. The performance is most accurately described by a fan as “Nina Hagen meets Norma Desmond in a head-on collision with Lux Interior”.

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