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I SPEAK MACHINE – "WAR" - Out On Digital, CD, Double Red Vinyl ISM Records

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WAR tracklist:

01. War

02. Left For Dead

03. Beat Down By Heaven

04. Santa Monica

05. Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)

06. Dirty Soul

07. Ruined Me

08. I See You

09. The Metal Of My Hell*

10. Push The Grease

11. Rats Rise

12. Until I Kill The Beast


*Video - "The Metal Of My Hell [Promo Clip]"

I SPEAK MACHINE – "The Silence" - Out On Lex Records

The Silence tracklist:

01. Run

02. The Silence

03. Hell Is Other People

04. Heart Is Not Home

05. Insomniac

06. Experiment 2

07. Just One Day

08. Arrogance

09. Hunted

10. Dead Man, Come Home

11. Be Careful What You Wish For

12. Crawl Home*


*Video - "Crawl Home"

I SPEAK MACHINE/Gazelle Twin – "Exponentialism" - Out On Metamatic Records

Exponentialism tracklist:

01. My Sex (I Speak Machine)*

02. I Want To Be A Machine (I Speak Machine)

03. Never Let Me Go (Gazelle Twin)

04. He’s A Liquid (Gazelle Twin)


The limited edition Exponentialism EP is also now available and includes 4 tracks recorded by I Speak Machine and Gazelle Twin. These beautifully executed cover versions strongly relate to their own work as well as exploring John Foxx’s themes and ideas.


*Video - "My Sex (I Speak Machine)"

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